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Therapeutic yoga Teacher training is designed for yoga teachers who wish to offer preventive and therapeutic solutions to health conditions that benefit from ancient yogic wisdom. In this training, teachers will learn holistic approach that works simultaneously on the body, mind and spirit of patients. While yoga on it’s own can alleviate a number of issues, therapeutic yoga works best when coupled with other forms of healthcare- both modern or other conventional medication/treatments such as Ayurveda, Siddha etc. that work on the individual's capacity to heal. Over a period of time, therapeutic yoga has been seen to improve efficacy of medication and in some cases reduce or even eliminate the need for drugs and its dosages.

  • Various aspects of physiology and anatomy
  • Understanding the depth of the illness, it’s causes, manifestations
  • Designing sessions that are best suited for various health conditions
  • How to ensure risk free sessions and precautionary measures in Therapeutic sessions
  • How to gradually lead patients into healing and identify any spikes in health parameters
  • Holistic session consisting of asanas, pranayamas, mudras etc. that aid healing with alternative postures
  • Dietary and lifestyle suggestions that can help patients to improve their overall well being
Teaching Experience

We at Bodhi have known from practical examples, teaching is perfected by practice. Hence, very early on in the course, we have incorporated YTT students teaching their peers what they have learnt as a part of the curriculum design- For example: Any random YTT student is picked to teach their own class some asanas, pranayama techniques or instruct a yoga nidra session, along with our mentor’s guidance. This way, each student at one point or the other during the course start gaining experience of handling a class (whom they are already familiar with) and overcome inhibitions, doubts etc. thereby making it a very strong learning ground. Beyond this, upon successful course completion, Bodhi offers for it’s keen students, plenty of opportunities to put to practice what they learnt at our own studios across 2 cities.

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