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This is a very ancient indian science that diagnoses issues, imbalances that exist at various planes of existence such as the physical, mental and emotional.

It is one of the oldest known ways of preventive health care that diagnoses just from the pulse, the cell level health of an individual. The pulse is capable of not just revealing the state of health an individual is born with but goes on to reveal the current implications that food, lifestyle, mind and emotions have on a person's health. Furthermore, the depth of knowledge is such that it can detect underlying conditions, potential health risks that one can get in the future basis the current state.

As a wellness centre that touches so many lives through yoga and ayurveda, Bodhi firmly believes this science needs revival on war footing basis. With this mission, bodhi launched the nadi pariksha training for yoga teachers in collaboration with nadi chikitsa wellness founded by a renowed Nadi Chikista expert Mr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy. It is our strong sankalpa that yoga combined with knowledge of the nadi can do wonders to the health care of humanity.

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